Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Golden Ticket

Here are some kick a$$ hot rods from 'Jalopyrama' 2009.

I am so diggin' this channeled 1929 Ford Roadster pick-up.

From the in-line 6, the wicked stripin', to the trucks bare minimum design... she's a winner.

The owner of this sweet ride calls it the 'Golden Ticket'.

Had to add this channeled deuce lo-boy. How 'bout that checkerboard firewall.

For me, it's the cheater slicks on the rear that really top her off. Nice touch.

The Jalopyrama car show was held at the Annapolis, Md. Armory. Way too many awesome cars to profile in this one post. There's more at: welloiledmachines

OK, just a couple more. I'm lovin' this chopped and sectioned 1950 Ford Coupe. Low & long!

And check it. The detail in this stripin' & the use of colours absolutely rules.

Finally a slingshot 1950's style dragster. According to the post she's runnin' a late '60s blown 426 Hemi.

Ya... strap yourself in and hold onto your nuts. Cause' if ya don't, they'll be in your throat when the ride is over!

Ace ♠

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