Monday, December 28, 2009

Velvet Lemmy

Have you ever said to yourself... self, you know what's missing from my living room wall... a velvet painting! Well check it out, a velvet Lemmy Kilmister.

This piece was painted by Bethany Cisco of Chicago.

Bethany is a tattoo artist by trade and works out of the Tattoo Factory.

She must be a Motörhead fan, because she also whipped up this beauty of Snaggletöoth.

She's also painted Johnny Cash on velvet. But hey... he's a natural. They don't call him the man in black (or ON black in this case) for nothin'! You can check out her work at: viciousvelvets.

But of course any velvet painting collection wouldn't be complete without a velvet Elvis. But this ain't your typical velvet piece. This puppy is a 12 foot square, floor to ceiling velvet Elvis!

Yep... Bethany's work made it into 'Ripley's... Believe It or Not!'.

Here's her painting against the side of a house (to give you a better idea of just how big it is).

You might say it's a King sized, King. Thank ya... thank ya very much!

Ace ♠

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