Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A little Respect for Pin Striping

To anyone who would like to give pin striping a try, have a peek at this guy. No template, no stencil, no fancy art studio and I highly doubt he sketched three of four examples of the flames for the owner before he began. Outline em' and paint - one shot! That kiddies is what you call Ol' Skool! Take a long, hard look... cause you don't see it that often. And when you do, tell the artist (and don't kid yourself, cause' he is truly an artist) how much you appreciate his/her work. Because it's worth every penny!

Or... if paying a few extra dollars to get the real deal doesn't suit you, you can always just order some stickers off Egay. Ya, it's a lot cheaper... and that's how your ride'll look, cheap.

Ace ♠

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Jeffrey Cardoso Bettencourt said...

Bandit did the trunk on my bosses 41 Ford and it blew everyones mind. This guy is beyond artist, he's a machine!