Saturday, December 12, 2009

Metallica vs. Holocaust

Thanks to my bloggin' bud Löst jimmy, who reminded me of the wicked, kick a$$, metal virtues of NWOBHM band Holocaust (pre-reunion)... I went searchin' good ol' YouTube for a quick fix of the good stuff.

Unlike U2, I found exactly what I was lookin' for (and more).

I found this awesome gem. The song is 'The Small Hours'.

Holocaust recorded the song in 1981. The 'live' LP was called 'Hot Curry & Wine'.

Here's what Eduardo Rivadavia, with wrote for about the band's live album.

Released at a time when the band was pretty much falling to pieces, Live (Hot Curry and Wine) combines tracks from Holocaust's influential debut, The 'Nightcomers', with a number of new songs and obscure tracks. Most crucially, this set contains possibly the only commercially available version of the band's classic "The Small Hours" famously covered by Metallica.

Speaking of Metallica's cover of the song. Here's their rendition of 'The Small Hours'. This song was video taped during their concert in Leipzig, Germany May 07/2009.

Ace ♠

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Löst Jimmy said...

Fantastic post Ace
Indeed Holocaust were Scotland's premier NWOBHM band, that debut album is hard to beat for quality Metal