Friday, December 18, 2009

Watchin' for Art

It began as a simple quest, for X-mas gift ideas and (obviously) led to this post. One of my many fetishes in life are wrist watches (not that I'm a collector). This beauty I happen to stumbled across, embodies everything a metal lovin', beat up ol' biker like me digs.

('time waits for no man' - Brian Morris)

Vannen sells this watch (and many others) designed by some great artists. And because I thought the time pieces were so kick a$$, I thought I'd search out the artists who were commissioned to work on em'.

Here's some of Brian Morris' work. All I can say is, frickin' spectacular!

Lovin' that piece (I think it'll make it as one of the logos in the Motörheadster banner line up).

When I came across this skate deck I almost dropped a load. Wicked cool. I don't think I'd want to ride it though... I'd probably hang it on the shop wall.

This time piece, 'Haloween Exclusive', was designed by Dirty Donny Gillies. A good Canadian kid.

His stuff is SIC, and you can find more at dirtydonny. He does work for a lot of bands including the Hellacopters (above) and Metallica.

Are you kiddin' me... a pinball machine. Dude, you're my hero! As long as you don't cheer for the Senators, you're in my good books.

Wow, this poster is the schnizzel my nizzel. There's more at: flickr

I thought I'd finish off with this Brian Morris dragon that he sold to Bacardi for a rum ad. Is it just me, or have you noticed a lot of my posts have included booze lately. Ah, I'm sure it's nutin'... think I'll have a drink and go to bed.

Ace ♠


Löst Jimmy said...

Hey Ace, I see you have a fondness for Skull / Calavera artwork. Top notch.

I must admit that watch looks like the business, a fine accessory if ever there was.

Weekend going good here, a bit brittle after last night but no hangover!
Snowing hard now here in the Scottish Highlands but no doubt small change against your local climate.

I hope your Saturday is kicking off welll

Ace said...

Now that you mention it Jimmy, I do seem to post my share of DOTD and skull themed pieces. Hm, maybe I was a pirate in a past life? HA! Not sure.

We got a little more snow as well, and the timing of the storm sucked. I'm currently at the in-laws for the holidays after driving all day to get here. Time to relax, and enjoy the festive season AKA: get pissed!

Later man.