Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snow Bound And Ready to Ride

Oh the weather outside is frightful... actually it kinda' sucks. That is unless you're a snowman.

I shouldn't say it totally sucks, because if there is one good thing about all the snow we've received, it's great for sledding.

And I don't mean the 'Flexible Flyer' kind... I'm talkin' bout' the Polaris and Ski-doo kinda' sleddin'.

I'm on holidays and these babies have been callin' my name since I got here.

All our machines are fueled, oil's been topped off and there's new plugs and a primer in the Indy... so lets pull those tarps off and hit the trails (my brother-outlaw is bringin' his sled out as well).

As you can see, according to the gauge we got about five inches of the white stuff. And apparently there's more on the way.

This is the view from the cabin. There's a few ice fishing shacks on the lake (you can't see em' because if the blowing snow) and we'll be out there as soon as I put this bloody camera away.

One more tip for those who don't get a chance to enjoy snow sports (or much snow for that matter). Don't eat yellow snow. Ya, the dogs made the trip with me.

Yikes... sorry about that Santa (damn dogs)! Guess I'm gettin' coal again this X-mas.

Ace ♠


Löst Jimmy said...

Happy Sledging!!

Ace said...

Crap, upon further review of this post, I realized I didn't even post any pictures of our snow mobiles. I was so excited to get on the sleds and get ridin' I put the camera in the cabin and took off. Oh well, I'll take some pics of our adventures and post em' soon enough.

Löst Jimmy said...

AceThere's plenty of time and posts for that, looking forward to it. Have a great Christmas over there.

Ace said...

Thank you, have a Merry Christmas as well Jimmy. Take care and all the best.