Friday, December 4, 2009

Josh Kurpius

I have featured the incredible work of a number of prominent, high profile and talented photographers, but admittedly this guy is one of the shining, young stars in the biz.

His name is Josh Kurpius. Ya, ya you may have already heard of him, or you may have seen his work. But what you may not know is he's a guy who "talks the talk... and he walks the walk"

Josh has worked with nearly every bike builder (big and small, famous or not) in America. But he not only shoots bikers... he's one himself.

That's his kick a$ ride. Want to know more about JK, check his blog.

Travis Auclair took the snaps of Josh. All right already... here some of his work.

These builders are all featured on his website. He's done work for most of the major bike publications as well, like

Here's the work he did for an article featuring the Nash Brothers Motorcycle Company.

This green machine is called the #9 bike.

It's a 1975 Iron Head XL Sportster.

Ya... she's a SIC build. And it's for sale.

And here's some more of JK's snaps. Enjoy!

Here's a blurb in cyclesourcmagazine on Josh, that talks about how he got into the biz and his love of bikes.

I love the fact that he says on his twentieth birthday some old guy let him ride his 1969 FLH and he knew right then and there, motorcycles would become his passion.

Oh... pi$$ break. Later amigos.

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