Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Out for a Rip Ride

Here's the scenario.

It's minus 22 degrees Celsius, there's 14 centimeters of fresh, new, fluffy snow and acre upon acre of unfenced land on our doorstep. Perfect for rippin' it up on the sleds.

This my friends, is how bikers have fun in the winter. The motorcycles may be put away, but our snow machines allow us to get out 'n play!

Nothin' but hills, coolies and the open lake (albeit dotted with a few ice huts here and there) to explore.

The brother-out-law and I took the kids out for the afternoon. We brought along their toboggans and found a smaller hill for sliding down. This spot was perfect. As the little guy (pictured above) would say... "It's steep and deep".

There's a shot of an ice fishing hut (AKA: truck camper) parked on the ice. That's how it's done out in the boonies.

Hey Vern, here's how we fish when the pond ain't freezin.

Yup, life in south central Saskatchewan (where we spent Christmas) is fairly simple. Kinda' like the people.

Ahhhh, a relaxing beer after a hard day on the snow mobiles (not me, but he does bare a striking resemblance to your humble narrator).

Here's another snap to give you an idea of how much room we had to play. Awesome!

However there are hidden dangers as I discovered. Rabbit droppings. At least they were frozen so they didn't stick to our boots. Just don't mistake them for acorns, they have a very bitter taste. Hey, I'm kidding! Silly Rabbit, you have to fry 'em first.

They don't call it the 'Gods Country' for nothin'!

Ace ♠


Löst Jimmy said...

Now that is what I call fun!
Enjoy the rest of the holidays and in case I am not able to drop by again between now and the weekend...Happy New Year my frend


Ace said...

Had a blast sledding LJ & I'm now takin' off to see my younger bro for New Years.

Thank you & Happy New Year to you as well.

All the best.