Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tattoo Art, That's Really... Art!

It's no secret, I'm a big fan of David Lozeau's art. I've posted his work before (el Dia de los Muertos) but I don't
believe I featured any of his pieces, that have been used as body art.

Dave posted these on his flickr page. This one's called Mamacitca.

Here's Dave's (above) original Mamacita piece.

That tat, is on this young woman's arm. Her name is Polly Anne.

This is Dave's description of Mamacita from his website.

Never the wallflower, Mamacita is the center of attention at the annual Day of the Dead festival with her entourage of mischievous skeleton friends in tow.

I wonder if that holds true of Poly Anne as well.

Here's an artist inking a Sugar Skull Swirl tattoo... before, during and after.

Wicked! That piece works well as a tat.

This is the OG happy sugar skull. It was inked by David at the the Hollywood Day of the Dead event.

Here's one more. This tattoo is called El Guitarrista.

Again, the OG.

This is the description on Dave's site.

Surrounded by orange marigolds and an eerie mist, the skeletal guitarist plays a tribute song for his dead friends in front of a church on el Dia de los Muertos.

Obviously a happy customer. And who wouldn't be happy with a Lozeau original on your arm.

Ace ♠

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