Monday, December 14, 2009

Motörhead - Chemnitz Germany

Hi Mom! Wow, Motörhead fans (or is it just that I'm getting old) are getting younger and younger.

Do these guys even shave?

These pics are from the gig at Arena Chemnitz, Germany 12/12/2009.

Here's their from the show.

someonesinthewolf took a few snaps of the show as well, and included a description on the equipment the boys use. Pretty cool.

A couple of great shots. I especially like the one of Mikkey.

While the woman on the left is wondering what Phil would look like in a bikini top and skirt (refer to post: Nice... Camouflage Bikini Top???), I can identify with the dude head bangin' in front. Party on Garth!

Ace ♠

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