Tuesday, December 8, 2009

HH Triumph

Check it. Dirk Behlau of Pixeleye posted these awesome snaps of Arie van Schyndel's SIC Triumph.

Love it!

Dirk had a booth at Custombike 2009 and hooked up with Arie for the shoot.

As ya may (or may not) know, Arie van Schyndel is a filmmaker.

His credits include: Hot Rod Havoc and Two Wheel Terrors. He's just finished Two Wheel Terrors #2.

You can pick up a copy of these classics at Chopper Town.

Hey, Hot Rod Havoc would make a great Christmas gift for that speed freak on your shopping list. Hun, are you reading this?

Sorry, back to Arie's kick a$$ Trump.

That's a great shot. Dig the bars.

Sweet, sweet.... sweet!

Looks like Dirk is really getting into this shot, he's gettin' his pants dirty.

Dirk's job must suck (note the sarcasm).

Ace ♠

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