Monday, December 21, 2009

Tis The Season For Lists

Digital Production is out with it's Top 5 live event productions of 2009 and the Desert Rock Festival in Dubai, UAE held in March comes in at number four.

With Motörhead as the headliner, more than ten thousand screaming metal heads turned out to shake n' bake at this year’s Festival.

You're probably asking... how in the HE-double hockey sticks did Lemmy & co. rank so highly? I would simply say give your head a shake man, it's the Snaggletöothed hellions my friend... they should've been number #1.

But alas, this guy apparently had some thing to do with it, Desert Rock’s lighting director Steve Shipman. Yep... it was the massive lighting grid that won over the judges.

According to the article in DP, the festival’s monster steel stage was one of the largest in the Middle East (and it's roof strength allowed for the design of such an ambitious lighting grid).

The fifty tonne capacity stage was more than capable of supporting Motörhead's lighting rig, consisting of more than 100 pars and six moving lights. Shipman then added 60 more moving lights to the set up.

I pulled this quote from the DP article, I believe it sums up the festival's sauces rather nicely.

Undoubtedly, among those most impressed were the passionate throng of black-clad fans, whose horn-waving antics were ultimately a worthy tribute to Shipman’s masterly lighting design. DP

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